The Upcoming Democratic Primary is on Tuesday, August 9th. Click to learn more and be sure to vote next Tuesday.

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We're proud of the work we do and are excited to share it with you. Our members are hard at work making the world a better place.


We have been reinvigorating our Caucuses—including Veterans, Disability, Rural, Women, LGBTQ, Hispanic, Black and AAPI Caucus. Click sign up to join.

Our Mission

The mission of the North Haven Democratic Town Committee is to elect Democrats to local, state, and national offices who value honesty, transparency, equity, diversity, fiscal responsibility, and accessibility. Electing Democrats who share these values improves North Haven. It helps build a community where all opinions are respected and where people feel safe to express their views and offer suggestions.


We believe in: 

Open and Transparent Government

Public Service

Equity, Diversity, and Fairness

Fiscal Responsibility

Access to Healthcare

Community-Building and Safety

Environmental Protection

High Quality Education

Helping Hands


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Help ensure we have the resources to get democrats elected to office.