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A Better Tomorrow


Jennie Caldwell, Chair
Frederick Rodriguez, Vice Chair
Kenneth Quick, Deputy Treasurer
Mary Anne Hardy, Secretary

Photo Gallery
Our Members

Our Members

District 1

Sally Buemi

Marie Devlin

Stephen Fontana*

Michael Hallahan

Patricia Brown

Lori Mansur

Raul Avila

District 2

Marc Calafiore

Kenneth Quick

April Capone

Mary Anne Hardy

Sequella Coleman

Alden Mead

Gerald Feinberg*

Barbara Feinberg

Elizabeth Fiorillo

Sumit Sharma

District 3

Nancy Barrett

Kathleen Fox

Jonathan Lewin

Elizabeth Beacom

James Giulietti

Cheryl Juniewic

Jayne Kleinman

Adam Joseph*

Frederick Rodriguez

Cohen David

District 4

Jim Carew

Portia Elmer*

Michelle Spader

Dwight Stover

Roderick Williams*

Ruth Bryant

Dean Volain

Joseph Villano

District 5

Jennifer Caldwell

Norman Juniewic Sr.

Heidi Avila*

Theresa Ranciato-Viele

Kathy Spinato-Grant*

District 34 Representatives

Mary Ellen Crawford

Stephen Fontana

*District Coordinator

Mission & Platform

Mission & Platform

The mission of the North Haven Democratic Town Committee is to elect Democrats to local, state, and national offices who value honesty, transparency, equity, diversity, fiscal responsibility, and accessibility. Electing Democrats who share these values improves North Haven. It helps build a community where all opinions are respected and where people feel safe to express their views and offer suggestions.


We believe in: 

  • Open and Transparent Government

    • Government should be accessible to all and its processes should be made clear to the public it serves.

    • We believe in broadening the scope of those who can participate in government through the utilization of technology.

    • In our decision-making, we aim to ensure that ours is a government that works fairly for all people


  • Public Service

    • We believe that those who serve in a public role must put public interest above that of personal-interest.


  • Equity, Diversity, Fairness

    • We strive to provide ample opportunities that enable success for all citizens of North Haven, regardless of a person’s age, race, color, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, veteran status, disability, background, or other discriminating factor.

    • We respect the diversity of our population, as well as the broad range of viewpoints expressed by those in the community on a number of issues.


  • Fiscal Responsibility

    • We seek to invest in economic development that best benefits the citizens of our town and encourages financial growth and/or stability.

    • We believe in a balance between the financial interest of corporations, small business and that of private citizens.

    • We believe that the financial resources of the town should be dispersed fairly and address the needs of the greatest number of citizens.


  • Healthcare

    • Lifelong quality affordable healthcare as a basic human right and not a privilege.

    • Access to treatment, including substance abuse treatment and mental health services, is necessary to protect the community at large.

    • Substance abuse is a medical and mental health issue and requires treatment. Should not be addressed as a criminal issue.


  • Environmental Protection

    • We value our natural resources and recognize our role in mitigating the effects of climate change. We have a responsibility to ensure clean air, clean water and a safe and healthy environment.

    • We support open space acquisitions and hold it as a high priority.


  • Education

    • We must guarantee that our schools have the tools and resources they need to provide a high quality education in a safe learning environment.

    • Education should meet the individual needs of all students. Public education should address all areas of development including academics, social, emotional and physical development.

    • We believe education should be a partnership between the district, parents and the community.


  • Community Building and Safety

    • We want to build a fun and vibrant community where our seniors and young people feel safe and supported.

    • We believe affordable housing is vital to allow all current and future residents the ability to move to and remain in North Haven.

    • We strive to strengthen North Haven’s standing as a caring and engaging destination where families want to live, teenagers and young adults want to hang out, and seniors want to spend their retirement years in grace and dignity.

    • We believe that a safe and secure community is vital to a high quality of life.

    • We support a strong commitment to our police and fire departments through adequate funding and training.

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