Amanda Gabriele
Candidate for Board of Education

Amanda Gabriele, candidate for the North Haven Board of Education, is a native of Connecticut and has been a North Haven resident for over five years.  She lives with her husband and their two children in the Clintonville School district. 

Gabriele currently works as a subject matter expert on complex, multi-million dollar IT projects and implementations for a Fortune 500 company. Prior to that, she was VP at a New England regional bank, a board member of a nonprofit dedicated to building EdTech opportunities in Africa, and owner of her own marketing and design firm in Philadelphia. 

She is a graduate of the Fairfield Public School System and Marist College, graduating cum laude in 2006 with a degree in communications. Her high-impact mix of left- and right-brained thinking has led to a successful career in financial services operations and IT. 

Gabriele says that she is passionate about high-quality education and believes that a superlative school system is beneficial to the entire community and society at large.

In her spare time, she enjoys baking, crochet, and building robots with her kids. When asked to describe herself, she said a recipe would be most appropriate: 2 parts wife and mom, 1 part IT business lady, 1 part data geek, 1 part Game of Thrones superfan, and 1 part North Haven Board of Education hopeful.