As part of our digital meet the candidates, the NHDTC introduces:

Aili McKeen - Candidate for 34th State Senate Seat

Aili McKeen was born, raised, and lived nearly her whole life in Wallingford. She worked for Lithoprint, Inc. on State St, next to Liuzzi's, for more than two decades before changing careers to help people with major property loss due to fire or flood. Aili and her husband Bruce have a blended family with two grown daughters. Living close to the land, Aili can be found most Sunday mornings in the gardens at Frankie's on Hartford Turnpike.
Education = opportunity. Equitably funded public schools which provide relevant education are essential to our quality of life.
Aili believes that there are several ways to grow our revenue without over-taxing working class residents. One is though growth of small businesses. Tax credits to large corporations don't really work. States use them to race to the bottom. Small businesses can employ as many people, but entrepreneurs need the freedom to pursue their dreams. With Medicare for all, people would have the freedom to leave dead-end jobs and employ others. Small business also needs access to capital through low-interest loans.

Our tax code could be more fair. Other states have signed into a multi-state compact charging a 19% tax on certain financial services, effectively closing the carried interest loophole, generating an estimated $520 million in revenue – none of which would come out of the pockets of working class families.

We cannot let our bridges collapse again. We can fund transportation infrastructure ourselves, or we can get help by out-of-staters. MA has a system where residents can get an in-state EZpass, pay a commuter rate, and drivers with out of state EZpass or no EZpass pay more. Aili would rather see that than a gas tax hike. We are a drive-through state. A tractor trailer (which puts the same wear and tear on our roads as 2800 cars) can easily gas up in NJ, then get to MA before filling up again, leaving us with no revenue from their use of our roads.

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Domestic violence has not been taken seriously. Domestic assault should be a felony. Felony convictions would also prohibit abusers from owning firearms without complicating statute.
We want to keep guns out of the wrong hands. In addition to the laws Connecticut already has, we need a red flag law so that hand- and long-gun permits can be denied or revoked, and firearms can be removed from potentially dangerous or unstable persons.
While we wait for federal immigration law to adapt to twenty first century values, Aili supports the Trust Act. While not in the scope of State law, Aili personally feels that INS does not need a militarized branch; indeed, ICE was founded under the obsolete Patriot Act which should be repealed.
Aili has spoken and written extensively on her connections past and present as well as her family's future reliance on union contracts. Aili supports Labor, including but not limited to collective bargaining,  community standards for a living wage and fringe benefits, earned family and medical leave, and the responsibility of employees with collectively bargained contracts to pay for negotiating services, whether union member or not.
The divisive rhetoric in our society, and its resulting dysfunction in governance, is a deep cultural problem. It began outside the halls of the Legislature and it must be solved in general society first as well.  That said, a good idea is a good idea, and Aili would be happy to work with anyone with plans that will actually serve Connecticut families and working class residents, regardless of party, if and when the opportunity arises.