As part of our digital meet the candidates series, the NHDTV introduces:

Ned Lamont, candidate for Governor

For Ned, this isn't about politics; this is about getting the job done. As governor, Ned will fight every day for Connecticut as an example of what politics can and should be.

As a businessman, Ned started his own company, taking on the large and established giants of the telecom industry. His driving idea was a simple but revolutionary one: a better product at a lower price, with a commitment to put the needs of his customers first. Under Ned’s vision and stewardship, the company grew to serve over 400 of America's largest college campuses and 1 million college students across the nation.
As a public servant, Ned got his start shortly after college, founding a weekly newspaper in a town hit by the loss of its largest employer. Covering town meetings and the Board of Selectmen, he helped to bring voice and transparency to a community working to recover from job losses and reinvent itself. Later, as a member of both the Greenwich Board of Selectmen and the Board of Estimate and Taxation, Ned worked in a bipartisan effort to safeguard a multimillion-dollar budget and deliver results for constituents. For four years, Ned also served as Chairman of the State Investment Advisory Council, overseeing a multibillion-dollar state pension fund.

As a teacher, Ned also sought to give back to his community by volunteering at Harding High School in Bridgeport. In an effort to pass on the entrepreneurial spark, Ned taught students about the inner-workings of small businesses, bringing in local businesspeople to share their own experiences, and helping to place students in local internships. Ned is on the faculty of Central Connecticut State University as an adjunct professor of political science and philosophy, where he also helped to found a popular business start-up competition. In early 2009, he helped lead an initiative to bring together Connecticut leaders from across the business, nonprofit, and labor sectors to unite in a strategy to create new jobs in the state.

As a candidate for United States Senate in 2006, he stood up for his convictions and challenged the political establishment. Taking on long-time incumbent Joe Lieberman for the Democratic nomination for United States Senate, Ned campaigned on the platform that wars in the Middle East were draining resources and attention that could be better focused on pressing domestic issues like the economy, education, and healthcare. In their endorsement of Ned for the general election, the New York Times wrote that Ned's "willingness to take on Mr. Lieberman when no one else dared to do it showed real courage and conviction." Though he was defeated in the general election, he has stayed active in Democratic politics, serving as co-chairman of the Obama campaign in Connecticut. As a private citizen, he has continued to fight for the issues he believes, serving on the boards of Mercy Corps and the Conservation Services Group, non-profits which seek to make a difference in the humanitarian and renewable energy fields, respectively.

As governor, Ned Lamont will draw on these varied experiences to challenge the conventional wisdom in Hartford and get our state back on track.